Club Statute

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1. The Club

1.1.   The name of the club shall be ‘MELLIEHA ATHLETIC CLUB’.

1.2.   The ‘MELLIEHA ATHLETIC CLUB shall be abbreviated as “MAC” or “Mellieha AC”.

1.3.   The words “Club” and “MAC” mentioned in this statute shall stand for Mellieha Athletic Club.

1.4.   Wherever the word “member is mentioned or referred to, it shall stand for both male and female gender.

2. Aims and Objectives

2.1.   The aim of the Club shall be to promote, encourage and develop the sport of amatar running and athletics in the Republic of Malta in the spirit of fair play and in conformity with its own rules and the current rules, regulations and bye-laws issued by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) and the Malta Amateur Athletic Association (MAAA).

2.2.   The Club shall promote and encourage running as a viable means of recreation and sport for the benefit of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Club shall strive to support members in the spirit of team competition and in the achievement of personal goals, in a positive, safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

2.3.   The Club, through its Committee, shall endeavour to provide the best possible services:

2.3.1.     To provide training programs and other educational services to its members;

2.3.2.     To manage a youth nursery;

2.3.3.     To organise running races and other athletic events and competitions;

2.3.4.     To prevent all sorts of discrimination as to politics, gender, religion or race within the Club;

2.3.5.     To ensure that all members, abide by the laws of the Club:

2.3.6.     To own and/or administer and/or manage sports facilities and/or any other assets needed to achieve its aims;

2.3.7.     To enter into any agreement and/or any kind of partnership with otner parties for the promotion and the development of athletics both locally and abroad;

2.3.8.     To manage the monies and the other assets of the Club in an appropriate manner as it may determine;

2.3.9.     To borrow and raise monies as it may determine; and

2.3.10.   To consider and decide on all matters relating to the sport of athletics within its jurisdiction.

2.4.   Notwithstanding anything contained in this Statute, the Club is a non-profit making organisation. Thus, the Club shall not distribute any of its assets and/or dividends to its Members and any economic activity which it may carry out will be an ancillary activity for the purpose or in connection with assisting the Club to achieve its aims and objectives in accordance with the provisions of this Statute.

3. Affiliation

3.1.   The Club shall be an unincorporated association and a non-profit making organisation managed by volunteers.

3.2.   The Club shall be affiliated to the MAAA provided that

3.2.1.     The MAAA is affiliated and recognised by the Maltese sports bodies including by not limited to the Kunsill Malti Ghall-Isport (KMS) and the Malta Olympic Committee (MOC); and

3.2.2.     The MAAA is affiliated and recognised by the IAAP as a national organisation representing the sport of amateur running and athletics in Malta.

3.3.   The Club shall be registered with the KMS and any other authority which the Club deems necessary to affiliate to from time to time and as tray be required under the Maltese Laws.

3.4.   The Committee of the Club may also seek membership or affiliation in other international bodies and/or clubs.

4. Official emblem and languages

4.1.   The Club’s official emblem shall conform to the logo as shown on page one (1) of this statute.

4.2.   All official forms, notices, circulars, letters, club wear and merchandise referring to and representing the Club shall include the Club’s official logo and name of the Club.

4.3.   The form and style of the official documentation and club wear of the Club shall be determined from time to time by the committee of the Club.

4.4.   The official languages of the Club are Maltese and English

4.5.   Rules and any other written communication shall be drawn up either in Maltese or English.

5. Membership

5.1.   Any person of either sex who is keen and interested in the sport of athletics shall be eligible as a candidate for membership.

5.2.   Every candidate for membership shall be proposed by one (1) member and seconded by one (1) member of the Committee.

5.3.   Every candidate, before considered a member of the MAC. shall duly fill in and sign the official membership form issued by the Club.

5.4.   Candidates under the age of eighteen (18) shall require parentaliguardian consent before joining the club.

5.5.   Every candidate, previously a member of another athletic club, shall resign and surrender all ties with his former club before being considered a member of the MAC.

5.6.   Every candidate, before considered a member of the MAC, shall complete and send the relevant release forms and documents to the MAAA and his release shall also be approved by the MAAA.

5.7.   Any member wishing to retire from the Club shall notify his Intentions in writing to the Secretary at least one (1) month before the effective date of termination. The Club has the right to accept or refuse the termination of a member.

5.8.   The Club has the right to withhold the termination of member until any dues to the Club are settled.

5.9.   In registering new members and releasing retired members, the Club shall abide to the current rules and regulations of the MAAA.

5.10. Any member of the club who filed his resignation and thus withdrew his membership in order to join another running club affiliated with the MAAA, and is now filing a new club membership, requires the approval of all committee members.

6. Limitation of Club Liability

6.1.   The Club, any member of its committee and any representative cannot be held liable to any loss or damage to any personal belongings or to any injury that any member, or a guest, or a participant in a Club event, may suffer whilst availing himself of any Club services or events or activities.

7. Subscriptions and fees

7.1.   Members shall pay an annual membership fee and any other fees deemed proper by the Committee, such as race registrations, training fees and any other club related fund raising proceedings.

7.2.   The Committee shall be entrusted to review and adjust the amount of all fees paid by members from time to time. The current fees and subscriptions are tabled in Bye-Law one (1) attached to this statute.

7.3.   The annual member subscription fee expires on the 31- day of July of each year to coincide with the closing of the Club’s financial year.

7.4.   Members are required to pay their annual subscription fee and any other fees as soon as they fall due or when requested by the Club.

7.5.   The Club reserves the right to withdraw any services offered to members if such individual members refuse to pay their dues to the Club.

7.6.   Only fully paid up members are entitled to Club sponsorships and to use Club services and facilities.

7.7.   No member shall in any year be entitled to exercise any rights of membership unless all subscriptions and any other fees have been regularly paid

7.8.   All paid up members shall be entitled to a copy of the statute.

8. Conduct of Members

8.1.   Members should not exercise any sort of discrimination or offence regarding health, ability, age, sex and religion.

8.2.   Controversial political and religious discussions should not take place during any Club event, gathering and within the Club’s facilities.

8.3.   No member of the Club may take part and speak on behalf of the Club without the approval of the Committee.

8.4.   Members shall not be allowed to display or advertise any message. including but not limited to commercial or personal beliefs, on the Club’s official wear and any other official medium unless authorised by the written consent of the Secretary.

8.5.   Every member on joining the club implicitly undertakes to comply with the rules specified in this statute and those eye-laws issued by the Club. Any refusal or neglect to do so. or any conduct which in the opinion of the committee is either unworthy of a member or is otherwise injurious to the interest and reputation of the Club, shall render a member liable to expulsion.

8.6.   The Committee shall have the power to expel from the Club or deal in any other manner it may deem fit, any member who brings or tries to bring the Club and/or the members into disrepute.

8.7.   Before expelling a member, the committee shall call and ask the member for an explanation on his conduct and shall give him the opportunity of defending himself.

8.8.   The vote on a resolution for expulsion shall be carried out only if seventy-five percent (75%) of the committee members present at a committee meeting vote in favour of the resolution. The Committee’s decision is binding and final.

9. The Managing Committee: Power, Regulations, Officers and Members

9.1.   The Club shall be governed by an Executive Committee (also referred to in this statute as the ‘Committee’).

9.2.   The Committee shall consist of not more than nine (9) members to be elected every two (2) years at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the rules of article eleven (11) of this statute.

9.3.   The Committee may also co-opt up to three (3) members with nonvoting powers to assist in the administration of the Club.

9.4.   The Committee shall consist of:         The President;         The Vice-President         The Secretary;         The Treasurer; and         Five other committee members whose roles will be defined and agreed upon at the start of two year term.

9.5.   The Committee shall manage the affairs of the Club according to the rules defined in the Statute and shall apply the funds of the Club to the objectives of the Club.

9.6.   The Executive Committee may appoint any sub-committee as may be considered necessary. An Executive Committee member shall be an “ex-officio” member of each sub-committee.

9.7.   The Committee’s official means of communication between committee members and with the club members shall be through the emailing medium and/or postage. The Secretary shall send by postage all notices of Club General Meetings in order to reach any members that may not avail themselves from emailing services.

9.8.   The Committee may, from time to time, make, alter and repeal Bye-Laws These changes shall be in good faith and aimed at enhancing the running of the Club.

9.9.   All Bye-Laws are to be approved by seventy-five percent (75%) of the committee members present at the committee meeting and such rules shall be binding upon members until repealed by the Committee or by a Resolution of a General Meeting. Bye-Laws shall be recorded and communicated to all members by the Secretary.

9.10.  The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall jointly serve as the legal representatives of the Club.

9.11.  The signatories of the Club shall be any two (2) of the following officers: The President, Secretary and Treasurer.

9.12.  All committee members shall receive a notice, from the Secretary, of a committee meeting at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

9.13.  The period between each committee meeting shall not be more than six (6) weeks in order to ensure proper conduct of committee affairs.

9.14.  Decisions requiring a vote shall require a majority vote of fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) of the present members at the meeting with the President having a casting vote.

9.15.  The quorum necessary to constitute a committee meeting shall be four (4) voting members. If a decision in such a meeting is required, it must then be unanimous.

9.16.  Committee members are required to attend all committee meetings. Non attending members should inform the secretary of their absence and will be listed as excused

9.17.  Any committee member failing to attend three (3) committee meetings in succession without any valid reason communicated to the Secretary will be automatically dismissed from being a committee member. Prior to dismissal the President shall make an attempt to contact the committee member to discuss any misunderstandings and explain the implications of this procedure.

9.18.  The Committee reserves the right to discuss and take any decisions deemed necessary if the need arises with regard to the conduct of any committee member.

9.19.  Should the number of committee members fall below six (6) then an election of the committee should take place within three (3) months. The election should proceed in accordance with the articles of Rule eleven (11).

9.20.  If a casual vacancy occurs by death, resignation or dismissal, the committee may decide to co-opt a member without voting rights to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.

9.21.  No officer of the Club shall receive payment for his services on the Club committee.

9.22.  The general roles and responsibilities of the MAC officers, namely the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be as follows:

9.22.1.   The President shall be responsible for calling all meetings of the executive committee and shall act as chairman at Committee meetings and General Meetings.

9.22.2.   He shall have unlimited authority over every question of order unless challenged or overruled by a majority of members present.

9.22.3.   In the case of parity of votes the President shall have a casting vote in addition to his ordinary vote.

9.22.4.   The President shall be responsible for the general observance of the Club’s rules.

9.22.5.   In his absence during a meeting or for a defined period not longer than three (3) months, the President will nominate a committee member to act in his stead.

9.22.6.   The Vice-President shall be responsible for supporting the President in executing important tasks of the committee.

9.22.7.   He shall administer the club in the absence of the President.

9.22.8.   The Vice-President shall be responsible for executing special tasks assigned to him from time to time and assist the President and other committee members with their duties.

9.22.9.  The Vice-President may use the President’s casting vote when the President is absent and only upon written authority by the President.

9.22.10.   The Secretary has the duty to convene meetings and issue notices in the stipulated time frames.

9.22.11.   The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings

9.22.12.   The Secretary shall conduct the Club’s correspondence and ensure that all correspondence of the Club is filed and kept in an organised and safe manner.

9.22.13.   Together with the President, the Secretary shall prepare the agenda of each meeting and distribute together with the notice of the meeting.

9.22.14.    The Secretary shall maintain all paperwork regarding the recruitment of new members.

9.22.15.    The Secretary shall maintain an up-to-date register of all members including contact details, date-of birth and national identification number.

9.22.16.    The Secretary shall communicate any duties to the Committee members to ensure the effective and efficient administration and management of the Club

9.22.17.    At the last Executive Committee meeting prior to AGM the Secretary shall present a report on the activities of the Club during the previous season. He shall then read this report at the AGM.

9.22.18.    The Treasurer shall deal in all matters involving the funds of the Club.

9.22.19.    The Treasurer shall keep proper books of account.

9.22.20.    The Treasurer shall maintain an account with a bank and ensure that all monies raised by the Club are channelled into the bank account. He shall issue receipts for all monies received.

9.22.21.    A petty cash of not more than EUR300 shall be kept in safe location by the Treasurer to facilitate payment of petty expenses.

9.22.22.    The Treasurer shall endeavour to collect all fees and monies due to the club by members or any other organisations. He shall raise any invoices to third parties as and when required.

9.22.23.    The Treasurer shall duly inform the Executive Committee whenever a club or organization or a member fails to pay the fees after a lapse of three months. He shall provide a list of all debtors and creditors of the Club whenever requested at the committee meeting.

9.22.24.    The Treasurer shall present an updated list of all duly paid members of the Club who shall then be the only individuals entitled to exercise any rights of membership.

9.22.25.    Following the end of the financial yea- or whenever requested by the President and/or the Secretary, the Treasurer shall furnish to the Executive Committee a detailed statement of all receipts and payments. At the AGM he shall submit financial statements duly reviewed and scrutinised by the committee members.

9.22.26.    The Treasurer together with the President shall keep an inventory of the assets belonging to the Club.

9.22.27.    The Treasurer shall be the chairman of any fund raising subcommittee.

10. Financial Year

10.1.     The financial year of the club shall commence on the first (1) day of August.

10.2.     Financial statements comprising a statement of Income and Expenditure and a statement of financial position up to and including the last day of the financial year (31 July) shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

10.3.     For confidentiality purposes, hard copies of the financial statements distributed at the Annual General Meeting shall be recollected at the end of the meeting.

11. Election of Committee

11.1.     Eligible candidates for election on the Committee shall be members of the retiring committee who are ready to offer themselves for re-election and such other individuals who have been fully paid up members of the MAC for the preceding two years.

11.2.     Any member contesting the election of the Committee shall be present at the Annual General Meeting unless a written valid reason is presented to the committee prior to the foresaid meeting.

11.3.     The Secretary of the out-going Executive Committee shall issue a circular to the members at least fourteen (14) days before the day fixed for the elections, inviting nominations for election to the Executive Committee.

11.4.     Nominations in writing should reach the Secretary, duly proposed and a seconded by paid-up members of the Club, and must be countersigned by the nominated member, at least forty-eight (48) hours before commencement of the Annual General Meeting.

11.5.     If the number of candidates duly proposed and seconded exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, then the election shall be by ballot.

11.6.     In the event of an election being held, three (3) scrutinizers who are members of the Club but who are not contesting the elections shall be nominated from the floor to conduct the elections up to the final results.

11.7.     Within three weeks following the A.G.M. the newly elected members shall elect the following officials:

11.7.1.         President

11.7.2.         Secretary

11.7.3.         Treasurer

11.8.     The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall then decide on the duties of the other Committee Members.

11.9.     The Club on the recommendation of the Committee may in the Annual General Meeting elect Honorary Members.

12. General Meetings

12.1.      The Annual General Meeting (also referred to as the ‘AGM’) shall be held at such place and day during the month of August or September. The Secretary shall give at least fourteen (14) days notice in writing before the date of such meeting. Together with the notice, the Secretary shall include the agenda for the meeting.

12.2.      Only the matters included in the agenda shall be discussed at the AGM. The agenda should at least include:

12.2.1.         The President’s report;

12.2.2.         The Annual Report read out by the Secretary;

12.2.3.         The Financial Statements read out by the Treasurer; and

12.2.4.         The Election of the Committee if applicable for the year.

12.3.     The Committee may, on giving seven (7) days notice, call an Extraordinary General Meeting (also referred to as the ‘EGA’) for a specific business whose nature shall be stated in the notice. Discussions at such meeting shall be confined to that specific business matter only.

12.4.     The Committee shall also call an EGM on the written request of at least 50 percent (50%) of all fully paid up members.

12.5.     A quorum at any General meeting shall be fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) of the total fully paid up members. In the absence of a constituted quorum, the start of the meeting will be delayed by fifteen (15) minutes whereby a quorum is then constituted by the members present.

12.6.     Only fully paid up members of over sixteen (16) years of age are allowed to vote at General Meetings. These members are referred to as voting members in this statute.

12.7.     At any General Meeting of the Club, each voting member shall have one non-transferable vote. Honorary Members shall be entitled to attend a General Meeting but shall have no voting rights.

12.8.     All matters at General Meetings shall be decided by a majority vote made up of fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) of all voting members present at the meeting by ballot or show of hands, unless stated otherwise in these rules.

12.9.     Any proposals for amendments to the Statute must be seconded by two (2) members. Such proposals shall be made only in writing and must reach the Secretary at least seven (7) days before the AGM.

12.10.  Additions or amendments to the statute shall be made at an EGM convened for this purpose or at the AGM.

12.11.  The statute shall be amended or repealed by a resolution only if carried by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those voting members present at the meeting by ballot or show of hands.

13. Authority in the Interpretation of the Rules

13.1.     The Executive Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of this statute and any Bye-Laws made hereunder.

13.2.     The decision of the Committee upon any matter of interpretation shall be binding and final to all members

14. Dissolution of the Club

14.1.     The Club shall be officially dissolved at an EGM called for this express purpose.

14.2.     The quorum for the EGM required for the dissolution of the Club must be of seventy-five per cent (75%) of the fully paid up members and will require a majority of not less than three-fourths (3/4) of the voting members. All other proceedings shall be in accordance with the article of Rule twelve (12).

14.3.     On passing such a resolution, the Committee shall within fourteen (14) days appoint an Independent liquidator to realize all the assets and pay all liabilities of the Club.

14.4.     Any remaining assets are to be donated to a charitable institution to be determined by resolution during the same EGM.

14.5.     The Committee shall inform all relevant bodies and organisations of the dissolution of the Club.

14.6.     Only after the completion of such transfers, the Club will be officially dissolved.

15. Matters not governed by the Statute

15.1.     In the event of any questions on matters arising which are not provided for in this Statute, then such matters and any related questions shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be binding and final to all members.