Athletics Academy

The objective of the athletics academy section with the Mellieha Athletic Club is to build a solid foundation for kids who are interested to attend running training sessions.  The main philosophy behind the setup is to build a training system which is attractive to the kids and at the same time making sure that the very basic principles of our training regime are already introduced at this early stage.

The club’s academy mission is to focus on middle to long distance running and as a result the training delivered is based around this focus.   Parents are well informed about our strategy at the introductory meeting, so that we make sure that communication is clear and no other type of training is expected during their kids training sessions.

Age Groups

  1. Age (5-6 years)
  2. Age (7-8 years)
  3. Age (9-10 years)
  4. Age (11-16 years)
  5. Age (13 – 17 years) – long distance team

Venues / Days of the week / Time

San Anton School track (limits of Imgarr)

  • Saturdays @ 8.00am (All year) – 1.5hrs long
  • Wednesdays @ 5.30pm (Winter) & 6.00pm (Summer) – 1hr long


All sessions during the season are carried out at the above mentioned venues.  Saturday’s sessions are to be attended by groups 2 to 5 while Wednesday’s sessions are to be attended by groups 1 to 5.


At Mellieha AC we make sure that every athlete gets the top attention and guidance at all times and is not dependent on his/her performance.   All our trainers are certified with the Level 1 IAAF Coaching Certificate.

Administration and Communication

Every new kid who is interested to join our academy section is allowed 1-2 free taster sessions.  During this time we will explain to the parents the importance of making sure that the kids enjoy themselves before enrolling them in our academy. Upon registration, the membership duration is selected and the respective fee is settled in advance. At this stage the new member’s details are inputted into our database so as to ensure that any communication issued by the club is delivered to its members accordingly.  A Facebook Page is also set up to share events, information and other communications.


Whilst we emphasise the importance of the kids to enjoy each session held, we also place a lot of importance on the fact that every sport is based on discipline – our sport is no exception to this basic principle.

It is important for parents to transmit and encourage this approach to their kids so that a constant attendance is maintained.  Should for any reason the session will have to be missed, it is important for the parents to inform the trainer accordingly.

Pickup point is strictly from the point of training and no other place out of this training area. Further, parents should also inform the trainers beforehand when their kids will be picked up by other guardians and not themselves.

Health and other medical issues

The parents or guardians should make sure that their kids are medically fit to practice this sport. They should also notify the trainers and the administrative staff about any medical conditions that their kids have. This information is treated with strict confidentiality. A medical responsibility form should also be signed by all the parents or guardians of the kids attending these sessions and handed over to the trainers immediately.

Fun Run / Races to Attend

A number of activities will be organised during the course of the season both within our club, MAAA and other clubs/national events.

As highlighted under our mission above, our philosophy is of making sure that every athlete in the academy section is primarily enjoying the sessions.  As a result while we are really pleased to have a good attendance to such events held and encourage them to attend.

Joining Us / Fees

Following the 1-2 taster sessions the parents will have to enrol their kids within the academy.  Fees are due every August and anyone joining during the year will pay pro-rata until the renewal period.

  • Ages 5-6 year old – 12 months membership (fee of €90)
  • Ages 7+ year old – 12 months membership (fee of €180)

Who is behind it all

Coaching Staff

  1. Andreas Cini
  2. Roderick Pace
  3. Sam Fenech
  4. Owen Psaila
  5. Bernice Azzopardi
  6. Krista Hili
  7. Matt Azzopardi
  8. Mario Pisani (Head Coach)

Administration – Ivan Cassar, James Sciriha, Richard Borg, Stephanie Borg

Nursery Application Form

  • Please provide more than one number should we need to contact the parents/guardians in case of emergency.
  • Please provide more than one number should we need to contact the parents/guardians in case of emergency.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 200.
  • On registering our son/daughter,

    we , the undersigned:

    1. Intend to be legally bound, hereby, to release any and all rights and claims we may have against the administrators and trainers of the Mellieha Athletic Club for any loss, damage or injury our child may sustain as a consequence of his/her participation in the Mellieha AC nursery events;

    2. Declare that we have disclosed in a separate document accompanying this application, any medical condition or allergies that administrators and trainers should be aware of;

    3. Are aware and in agreement with the rules and regulations of the nursery as set out in the ‘Mellieha Athletic Club Nursery Rules and Regulations’ sheet;

    4. Have paid the respective Nursery Fee as indicated by the Nursery co-ordinator.

    Children from same family get a 10% discount

  • Please make cheques payable to:
    Mellieha Athletic Club

    and send to:
    190, Triq il-Garni,
    Mellieha, MLH1612

    For further information please contact Richard Borg on 99847025 or send an email to

  • Nursery Rules and Regulations

  • Sport is a discipline, and discipline brings commitment, so every young athlete and their respective parents/guardians are expected follow these rules and regulations:

    1. Be on time: Training sessions are planned by the Trainer to last one hour. The program for one session is structured in a manner to allow the children to warm-up and progress slowly from one exercise to another. Therefore being present on time is important to ensure that the children enjoy and benefit from a full training session in a safe manner;

    2. Attendance: Same applies for attendance. The progress of a child will be held back if attendance is not regular. Children not attending on a regular basis may be asked not follow the planned training schedules so as to avoid injuries and unnecessary hardship on the children;

    3. In case of absence the parents/guardians should call or SMS the nursery coordinator, Mr Richard Borg, on 9984 7025 prior the beginning of the session;

    4. Although kids come to the nursery with one thing in mind …. to have fun in a safe environment, the aim of the Nursery is also to teach children the right technique on how to train and run properly. Therefore the Trainer cannot tolerate children with inappropriate behaviour. Should a child cause any disturbance during lessons, the parents/guardians will be informed of such behaviour and may be asked to leave the Nursery.

    5. Nursery fees are payable in advance. No money will be refunded should a child stop attending the nursery or is asked to leave the nursery due to inappropriate behaviour.

    6. Clothing: Children should wear adequate clothing and shoes so as to avoid any discomfort or injuries. The Trainer may ask a child to stop exercising should they have inadequate clothing or shoes.

    7. Water: Children must bring enough water to stay hydrated during the sessions. This includes also in the winter months. The Trainer may ask a child to stop exercising should they have inadequate supplies of water.

    8. Toilet needs: Children attending the nursery are expected to be able to attend to their toilets needs alone. The Trainer will not accompany any children to the toilet.

    9. Child development is our main priority: The Trainer together with any Nursery official will hold a 10- minute meeting with every child’s parent/guardian every 4 months to discuss the child’s development in this sport. This will maintain good communication between the parent/guardian – coach – child to ensure that our mission is achieved. Parents/guardians may at any time before or after a training session speak to the Trainer or any other Nursery official.

    10. Interference during the training sessions: Parents/guardians of the children cannot at any moment interfere in the conduct of the training sessions. Parents/guardians may only approach the Trainer during the session in case of an emergency.

    11. Schedule of training sessions: Although training sessions are planned to follow a fixed schedule, the Nursery reserves the right to reschedule a session/s should the need arise.