Mellieha A.C. – 2014/2015 Annual General Meeting

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Mellieha A.C. – 2014/2015 Annual General Meeting

New Committee for 2015-2017



Mellieha A.C. organised its Annual General Meeting for the season 2014/15 at Canifor Hotel, Qawra on 21 August 2015. The below is a summary of the main points discussed.

President speech

Ivan Cassar gave his first speech as a club president at the A.G.M., following the stepping down of outgoing president Julian Borg in the last A.G.M.  Ivan started by thanking all club members for their attendance at this A.G.M., and also for their contribution throughout the season, where they always wore the club colours with dignity and respected the fair play rules, which makes the club what is today.  He also remarked that at the moment the club is going through an excellent aura and special focus is being given to maintain the momentum.

He also showed appreciation to all those involved in the technical team under the guidance of the club head coach Has Kesra.  Ivan stressed the special attention being given to the Nursery which will be marking its 5th year anniversary on the 20th November.  The nursery is another branch of the club that is growing and growing.  Ivan encouraged the members to call at a training session to experience the dedication of the coaching staff and the enthusiasm of the kids.

Secretary speech

Tony Vella as club secretary followed the President and gave a full account of what the club went through the whole season, and reserved special praise to the club’s top athlete Andrew Grech who established himself as the top long-distance runner in Malta, and represented the island at international level.

Financial Report

Stephanie Borg as club treasurer presented the accounts to members, which were duly approved by the members present at the AGM.

New committee elected

The two new members Angelo Vella and James Sciriha were welcomed into the new committee, and joined the other members Ivan Cassar, Tony Vella, Stephanie Borg, Adrian Busuttil and Manfred Borda.  Jean-Paul Borg chose not to extend his post in the committee due to his personal commitments. Both the President and the secretary thanked Jean-Paul Borg for his valid contribution during his term.


Committee Roles for 2015-2017

The first committee meeting between the new committee members elected during this year’s AGM was held during the first week of September. The following main posts as per club statute were confirmed for the next 2 years to come:

Ivan Cassar – President

Tony Vella – Vice-President

Manfred Borda – Secretary

Stephanie Borg – Treasurer

Adrian Busuttil – Social Media & PR

James Sciriha – Member

Angelo Vella – Member


We wish the committee all the very best and would like to thank them in advance for their contribution towards our club and its members!



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