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Adrian Busuttil is a proof of the never too late to try something new mantra.  Running was surely not his thing in his childhood but he is now a devoted runner.  His past might have been spent spectating but he is now in the midst of things.  He grew up through the ranks of Mellieħa AC, and calls himself proudly a Mellieħa AC product.

But it’s not only that, he also forms part of the Mellieħa AC committee, ensuring that more products like himself are in the offing.

In the meantime, he covered the 21.1 kilometres between Mdina and Sliema in 1:40:34!


I understand you were not always a runner, and started this sport in your late twenties.  How have your perspectives towards life changed through running?

I started running 3 years ago for health benefits since at the time my only goal was to lose weight.  Looking back I believe that starting this sport was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Apart from the obvious fitness benefits that you get, the daily runs enable oneself to have some time for him/herself and give you the much needed kick-start to the day given that I usually run very early in the morning.


Adrian, how did your connection with Mellieħa AC start?  Did you start running through Mellieħa AC, or were you already a runner and decided to step up by joining the club?

After a few months running without any programme I decided to become a member in a running club.  When I was looking at the various local running clubs, Mellieħa AC was the obvious choice.  Being a total beginner in the sport the club through its academy offered me with the guidance and motivation that one needs when starting a new sport.  I still can remember my first introduction session with then Mellieħa AC president Robert Vella at the Mġarr track.  In the following months I progressed through the various levels of our academy under the guidance of Joe Farrugia and in December 2011 I started training with Has Kesra.  I feel very proud to say that I am a Mellieħa AC product!


When was your first half marathon and timing?  What was the feeling after that race?

My first half marathon was in 2012 and I managed to do it in 1 hour and 58 minutes.  Being that I had just started with the club’s training programme, this half marathon was simply a learning experience and my only target was to arrive at the finish line.  I think that that finish line was the boost and motivation I needed to continue running.


Now you’ve done another race with a massive personal best (pb).  How do you compare the feelings of the first race and this one?

The feelings going into this half-marathon were quite different in a way that now the uncertainty of not being able to cover the whole distance was not there.  From the start of the season the results were quite encouraging and even above my expectations, so I knew that I was able to get a good pb.  This was also thanks to the belief and motivation that our head-coach always instils in us.


I understand that you were given a target time, that you at first though too hard.  Still you achieved it.  During the course, were you always on target, were you feeling any doubts about the possibility of achieving such target?

I was slightly worried when I heard our coach pronouncing my target time because this was over 5 minutes less of the time I was predicting for myself.  I can only say that even though the various uncertainties always linger in one’s head you need to believe in your training and preparation.  I knew that if our coach believed that I can achieve that target time then it was possible and I was not ready to not fight for it.  All I had to do was to take control of the various emotions on race-day and run with a constant pace from start to finish.  I was so concentrated on my run on the day that I hardly remember me running the course.  On the other hand the last kilometre is something which I will remember for a long time.  The experience that one has when seeing the finish and your target time on the race timer is out of this world and it just keeps me wanting to relive it many more times in the future!

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