MAC Nursery competes at MAAA Cross Country meeting

Posted by Mellieha AC 6th February 2016 0 Comment 2135 views

Last Sunday was a day to remember with big smiles all around for the youngest members of the MAC family. Athletes from the club nursery competed in the fifth and final MAAA cross country meeting of the season, which was held at Marsa sports grounds. Mellieha AC was well represented with Daniel Borg Ferrando and Emma Piccinino competing in the 2200m cadet cross country races, as well as Rachel Ciantar Piccinino who competed in the 1100m Kids event. Lana Vella,Ilaria Vella,Neil Vella and Beppe Vella also participated in the 500m Cubs race. Sunday`s results also meant that Rachel Ciantar Piccinino placed first overall in the Kids Girls cross country series for athletes born in 2006. Emma Piccinino also achieved an excellent overall result by securing third place in the Cadets Girls`series for girls born in 2003.

Mellieha AC has recently celebrated the fifth anniversary since the establishment of the club’s nursery. They have been five years of passionate work and dedication, aimed at creating a healthy and nurturing nursery environment.

Through the work of tireless volunteers, the support of the club committee and the technical guidance of club head coach Has Kesra, Mellieha AC has steadily built a strong nursery which is firmly focused on the future. In the words of Has Kesra, the vision of the nursery does not lie in achieving fleeting short term results, but in building steadily towards tangible long term achievements. He adds that the aim isn’t to win immediately at all costs, as this would ultimately result in squeezing and limiting a young athlete’s talent. The aim of the nursery is to develop basic skills and provide a supportive and enjoyable environment for all of our young athletes to thrive in. Only such a nurturing environment allows our children to develop and grow both as athletes as well as individuals. The future is bright!


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